"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

That Albert Einstein really knew what he was talking about. 

No one knows your business as well as you do. But just like sitting in the front row at the movie theatre or choosing the chair nearest to the chips and dip, there's such a thing as being too close.

Whether it's as simple as drafting inspired emails that click with your customers, or as complex as revamping your branding strategy, rebuilding your website or rethinking your business structure, I'll bet my bottom dollar that what your business needs most right now is a fresh perspective and a voice of reason.

"Working with Becki has been a complete game-changer for my business. Becki has helped my team and I create concise, clever promotions which have consistently yielded sales increases between 20-40%. From choosing compelling email subject lines to composing impactful copy, Becki is a master at getting our customers to click "Buy".

As a copywriter, Becki's genius slant on our products gives them a "cool factor", and more importantly, brings them to life online. Her handiwork has been a major contributor to the growth of our overall online sales, which are up 30% year-over-year!"

Katy Kippen, Owner/Designer

"Being a small business owner can be isolating - no matter how much support you have, at the end of the day, the business succeeds or fails based on you alone. The thing I have gained most from Becki is a partner. She takes my mess of ideas and problems and brings solutions back to me in small, manageable pieces.

Becki helped me create a whole new brand identity and marketing strategy that was easy to implement, and has acted as my brand manager, HR consultant and even an editor. She has been a huge part of our incredible growth over the past 3 years. Becki, thank you for making this journey less lonely and much more successful."

Nicole Whitesell, Owner

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"I hired Becki to get the branding of my jewelry e-boutique back on track, and her expertise was invaluable. She was instrumental in helping me narrow down my target market to the perfect niche and produce branding (website updates, customer promotions, etc.) that resonated with that specific audience. Thanks to Becki, my bottom line increased 20% in just 2 months. Plus, she's exceptionally organized and delightful company."

Arwa Jumkawala, Owner/Designer

"Your biggest selling points as an agent are your ability to relate to your clients as a real person and speak their language, and your availability as a resource before, during and after a sale. Those are huge, substantial services you’re providing to clients that no one else can give them. Sell those points every chance you get!"

Excerpt from Brand Consultation Report for Erin McGovney, Founder/Principal Broker

"Working with Becki is always a pure pleasure. Her professionalism, knowledge, and creativity brought extensive exposure and continued clients to Covet. Becki's flawless editorials are innovative, interesting and always intelligently written. I truly appreciated her relevant and studied approach to our brand."

Athena Frazier, Owner

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