No one knows your company as well as you do. But small business life is tough enough without convincing yourself you have to be the world’s foremost expert in everything from revenue projections to real estate.

If you want to stop working for your small business and start making your small business work for you, the answer is simple:

Stop telling yourself you have to do it alone.

Just like sitting in the front row at the movie theatre or choosing the chair nearest to the chips and dip, there's such a thing as being too close. So let yourself off the hook, and let me answer those tough questions, solve those unsolvable problems and help you bring your dream to life!


A client wanted advice on relocating her brand’s design studio from an urban shared workspace to a high-rent retail district. We took a detailed look at the costs, time and resource outlays and the potential value yield of taking that leap, and created a plan that made it possible, while managing expectations and projections.

The outcome was phenomenal: foot traffic has increased exponentially, buzz is through the roof, and the store is more successful than ever, with more than a 400% increase in sales year-over-year.


The owner of a small but successful brick-and-mortar boutique initially hired me to drive the customer targeting and functionality of the store’s new e-commerce website. We worked together to create the framework for the website and the style sheet for the brand’s online presence, including structuring the site’s layout for ease of navigation, creating templates for product descriptions and defining all supplemental site content.

That project evolved into a long and fruitful professional partnership over the past several years that has included a company-wide rebranding, long-range business growth plans, human resources strategies, and finding solutions to problems large and small.

The results have been simply incredible: sales have increased to nearly $4 million this year, the company just opened their 4th location, and the owner was recently named to the prestigious “40 under 40” list of the city’s most prominent entrepreneurs.


A real estate agent had recently left a “big name” brokerage to strike out on her own. We worked together to evaluate her initial branding and website. Among other things, I helped her identify and clarify her goals for the business and revamp her branding and marketing strategies to appeal specifically to the trade-up buyers/sellers and first-time homebuyers she most wanted to work with.

Following the road map we laid out, the client’s brokerage has become incredibly successful – it now supports 8 agents and two office locations after just 5 years in business.


The owner of a furniture design and online lifestyle retail store reached out because one of her products had just been featured in a major national publication. She wanted to know how to capitalize on that momentum to grow her business, which had plateaued.

Together, we crafted a strategy that included creating a new brand identity and mission, product set and a targeted, strategic PR outreach plan. Our quick action paid off: we were able to successfully launch the new product in time to secure a partnership with a larger brand, resulting in both a highly successful brand partnership and prominent media placements.