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"From wardrobe advice that works in the real world to travel tips, beauty picks, home design and amazing eats, SMC is here to help you live with style and substance."


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"This fall's trends are over the top, but after too many seasons of reinterpreted classics and minimal silhouettes, we're more than ready to cast aside our classics in favor of a new order. This is not the time for shrinking violets or shy wallflowers. This season, fashion favors the bold."


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"This season's style cues - sculptural designs, impeccable tailoring and feminine details - evoke the Hollywood icons of the 1940s."


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"Get creative with alternative display options: I’ve seen everything from clipboards or binder clips on nails, to installing a large magnetic board that lets you casually display a grid of prints with tiny magnets. Be sure they’re not valuable, since unframed prints are more likely to be damaged over time. But all art doesn’t have to be precious – have fun with it! "


Guest expert for two consecutive Holiday Community Challenges, a month-long series featuring interactive guides, timelines, tips and techniques designed to provide readers with foolproof holiday strategies.

"While the holidays can bring back happy childhood memories, they can just as easily be a major source of stress. Today, we’ll offer a few tips for dealing with common causes of holiday crazies, and a few alternative activities to help you actually enjoy the time with your family."



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"Thanks to a few moves to sunnier (and pricier) climes, in the last two years my square footage has been sliced, diced and julienned into a shred of its former glory. Don't even get me started on what this has done to my closet situation."

Salt Lake Magazine

"[The designer's] primary concern while furnishing the apartment was not a synergy of style, but rather a feeling of home."

"Overgrown with hedges, cobwebs and weeds, Jim and Sandy Crowley's home began as an average forgotten house in the suburbs."



"Experts say that moving is among the most stressful, traumatic life events, right up there with getting married and giving birth. I think they're underselling it."


Travel and design guide to Portland, Oregon


"Portland is one of those cities everyone seems to have an opinion about, whether they’ve been here or not. Yes, we do have rain, but it’s less than you think. As for the hipster thing? Well, that one’s true. You’ll get glares from fellow patrons if you forget to put your biodegradable coffee cup in the compost bin, and I’ve never lived somewhere with so many options for raw dining. But Portland is heaven if you’re into camping, skiing, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing…really anything that involves installing a Thule rack on your Subaru."


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"Your inferiority complex stems from watching 'Wonder Woman' as a child. Damn her Good Samaritan spirit, kick-ass athleticism and killer accessories."


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"I always dream of being the kind of girl that uses chargers – they have this way of making a table setting look instantly glamorous and elegant, no matter how ordinary your dinnerware. But really, who has storage space for a set of plates that aren’t really plates, that you use only once or twice a year? Moreover, who has energy to hand wash one more round of dishes at the end of the night?"


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"I'm assuming you can find the Eiffel Tower without my help, and that you know a day trip to Versailles is a must if you haven't done it before. Instead, I'm taking you on a tour of my Paris. The restaurants I love, the shops I go back to again and again, the hidden little secrets that are maybe just a bit off the path."

The Daily Obsession

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"Expect your skin to be brighter, more balanced and generally happier – but looking for those fine lines to vanish, or rosacea to disappear is setting the bar a little too high. With my expectations sufficiently lowered, I forged on."


Guest Contributor


"The temptation, of course, is to use the biggest bag you can sneak past security and shove it full of everything imaginable. But in practice that just leads to lugging a 45-pound bag around on your shoulder all day and spending half of your time on the plane rummaging through a bottomless abyss to find the one thing which has inevitably settled to the very bottom of your giant tote."


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"What fashion icon would you love to have in the dressing room next to you?"

"What do you want people to see, or to take away, from your art?"

"What is the least hip thing about you?"